Wilderness Experience Camp

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Give your child the ultimate adventure with the “Wilderness Experience Camp”.  Guided by expert survival instructors, your child will leran some inspiring surival skills and gain a new way to connect to the nature. Your child will earn how to survive in the wilderness and to be prepared for natural disasters, blackouts, etc. Wilderness experience programs are more group-oriented. Communication and cooperation is important to attain a positive result. The wildernes camps give the children a sense of self-discipline, self-awareness and empowerment which allows them to respond to different situations in a more positive and productive way.

Camp Skills and Activities learned
  • pioneer living
  • constructing of effective natural shelters
  • fire by friction (or match)
  • disaster preparedness
  • living of the grid
  • canoeing
  • identify and harvest common wild edible plants
  • Awareness and avoidance of natural hazards
  • team building
  • and much more

Outdoor skills are a great way to help your teen to build confidence in the outdoors while increasing their self-confidence and maturity. Wilderness camps goal is to equip participants with on-going life skills. Your childs will make life-long friends and enjoy some of the happiest summers of their lives.

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