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Winter & Summer Camps

Summer CampRFIE summer and winter camps is for those, who look for a new chapter in their lives, and for those who want the tools and guidance from proven successes to discover their true and full potential.
The camps are designed for students age 12 to 18.
No matter of what kind of student you are, every RFIE camper leaves the program with  enhanced skills and a vision to achieve their dreams. 
We offer camps in Canada, Germany, and China. 


All the camps offer the students the opportunity to:

  • Learn and interact with international students their own age
  • Practice and enhance language skills 
  • Live with a host family or at a campus and make lifelong friendships
  • Develop social skills and independence
  • Gain confidence, try new things, and get energized
  • Improve interpersonal skills
  • Study write papers for college students abroad for a few weeks for a compact, yet fulfilling experience
  • Take advantage of smaller class sizes